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Upload images and files to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage by drag/dropping to Slack.
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Why BucketBot?

If you use Amazon S3 storage or Google Cloud Storage to host your or your clients' files, you know how frustrating it could get to manage these files. The BucketBot Slack Bot simplifies immensely the operations required to upload your files to the cloud and make them available to the Web, harnessing both, the ease of the Slack user interface and the power of cloud based storage solutions like Amazon S3 and Google cloud storage.

BucketBot leverages the Slack interface and ease of use to bring you a seamless experience of uploading and sharing files on your S3 or Cloud Storage bucket without compromising the cloud based storage's feature set or robustness. After you add BucketBot to Slack, you simply drag and drop the file on the bot in chat, and BucketBot takes care of uploading the file, making it public and giving you the public URL!

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BucketBot was born out of a need, as an internal tool. The designers in our office required faster, non-technical access to our AWS storage and thus we built this tool which is now the go-to uploader for our artists.

Whether you're a dev who wants to upload the occasional file in an easy manner to, or a a graphic artist who wants seemless, easy access to cloud storage, the BukcetBot is the perfect starting point!

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